About us

Slingers Clash is a family business. Slings appeared in our family over 30 years ago. From the very beginning we made slings with three or four ropes. It was just easier: squared piece of leather to which you attach ropes, and that's it...

With the passing years and growing experience in this craftsling's design was evolving, until it reached its current look. For us, it's optimal.

In the beginning slings were used mostly to throw rubber balls for our dogs, german shepherds. They loved it, they were basically addicted to it.

Because of it, our dogs had exhausting walks every day, and we had perfect conditions to train slinging. Dogs not only could have found the ball “by smell” but also bring it back to the slinger. It was a great convenience for us, slingers. A walk like that with our dogs was pure pleasure.

In the following years, when our kids were big enough, we came up with an idea for a game. Turned out, that sling with 3 ropes is right what we need. This design allowed us to accurately throw even light foam balls. So light that we can throw them at each other with no worries. As the time went by, we adjusted the rules. That is how we created our family game, which we named Slingers' Clash.

In the summer we play on basketball courts surrounded by high fenceWe use school gyms for the rest of the year, because of the climate. 

You can play 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, but the more the players, the more the fun and chaos.

We hope, that the game will give you as much fun as it gave to us! Feel free to try out our game!